[PDF] C# in Depth, Second Edition

C# in Depth, Second Edition is a thoroughly revised, up-to-date book that covers the new features of C# 4 as well as Code Contracts. In it, you’ll see the subtleties of C# programming in action, learning how to work with high-value features that you’ll be glad to have in your toolkit. The book helps readers avoid hidden pitfalls of C# programming by understanding “behind the scenes” issues.

About the technology

C# is even more expressive and powerful than earlier versions. You can do amazing things with generics, lambda expressions, dynamic typing, LINQ, iterator blocks, and other features—but you first have to learn C# in depth.

Whats inside:

  • New features of C#
  • Underused features of C#
  • Guidance and practical experience

Table of Content:




Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Praise for the First Edition

More Praise for the First Edition

ForewordPrefaceAcknowledgmentsAbout this BookPart

1. Preparing for the Journey

Chapter 1. The changing face of C# development

Chapter 2. Core foundations: building on C# 1

Part 2. C# 2: Solving the Issues of C# 1

Chapter 3. Parameterized typing with generics

Chapter 4. Saying nothing with nullable types

Chapter 5. Fast-tracked delegates

Chapter 6. Implementing iterators the easy way

Chapter 7. Concluding C# 2: the final features

Part 3. C# 3: Revolutionizing How We Code

Chapter 8. Cutting fluff with a smart compiler

Chapter 9. Lambda expressions and expression trees

Chapter 10. Extension methods

Chapter 11. Query expressions and LINQ to Objects

Chapter 12. LINQ beyond collections

Part 4. C# 4: Playing Nicely with Others

Chapter 13. Minor changes to simplify code

Chapter 14. Dynamic binding in a static language

Chapter 15. Letting your code speak more clearly with Code Contracts

Chapter 16. Whither now?


A. LINQ standard query operatorsAppendix

B. Generic collections in .NETAppendix

C. Version summariesIndexList of FiguresList of TablesList of Listings.

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