[PDF] Windows Forms in Action: Second Edition by Erik Brown

Windows Forms in Action is a tutorial, leading the reader through Windows application development using C# and Visual Studio .NET. It illustrates how the classes in the .NET Framework interact in a fully functional application. Material added for the second edition includes coverage of the .NET 2.0 Framework, extender providers, cryptographic classes, and application deployment.

Using many examples all on a common theme, this second edition of Windows Forms Programming with C# presents Windows application development in a step-by-step, easy to follow format. Written for beginner and intermediate programmers eager to get their hands dirty, the text covers fundamentals like labels, buttons, and tool strips, as well as advanced concepts like owner-drawn lists, custom controls, and two-way data binding.

About Author:

A mathematician by training, Erik Brown has been working with code for over 17 years, as a developer, architect, consultant, and manager. He is a veteran of three successful start up companies and currently works as a program manager at Unisys Corporation. Erik lives in northern Virginia with his wife and two daughters.

What’s inside:

  • Practical and real-world
  • Examples presented in unique tabular form
  • Covers application integration and code management
  • Expands and updates the widely acclaimed First Edition

Table of Content:

Windows Forms in Action

brief contents
Part 1: Hello Windows Forms 1
1 Getting started with Windows Forms 3
2 Getting started with Visual Studio 33
Part 2 :Basic Windows Forms 63
3 Menus 67
4 Context menu and status strips 92
5 Reusable libraries 116
6 Files and common dialog boxes 148
7 Dialog boxes 180
8 Text boxes 212
9 Buttons 240
10 Handling user input and encryption 268
11 List boxes 299
12 Combo boxes 327
13 Tab controls and pages 356
14 Dates, calendars, and progress bars 383
15 Bells and whistles 415
16 Tool strips 443
Part 3: Advanced Windows Forms 475
17 Custom controls 477
18 Explorer interfaces and tree views 507
19 List views 541
20 Multiple document interfaces 575
21 Data binding 608
22 Two-way binding and binding sources 637
23 Odds and ends .NET 665


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